Apr. 8th. 2014 meeting guest speaker

George Thompson
George will give a talk on mineral cleaning and preparation for display as well as other things. This is always a good topic to review just before the collecting season gets underway. George is recognized through-out the mineral community for his mineral prep talents, this is one you don’t what to miss.

Also we will be having a few interesting additions to the metting.

April 8th Meeting is fossil night.
Bring out your fossils, prepped or not, if they have a story even better.
If they are not to fragile i hope we can pass them around the table while you talk about where you collected them.

Stump the Experts
We will try a new activity at our meeting, starting at the April 8th Meeting.
Bring any mineral or fossil to the meeting, if it can not be identified by those in attendants you win the prize.
If the specimen was collected In Ontario you do not have to identify the location it came from.
If the specimen was collected anywhere else you must specify the exact location it was found.
Each member will have one try at it, by writing there answer on paper without consulting or discussion.
The prize being, you will have first pick from the silent action table of the specimen of your choice free of charge. One winner only, multiple winners will be dealt with.

For the benefit of any new member.
I will continue to bring to the meetings a collection of minerals that i collected locally. To be able to show new members what is available to collect on our field trips. If any member would like to add to this display please feel free to do so, it will help to keep it interesting.

Web news

Lots of cancellations at the office today so I have been working on the website.

I’ve added a chat. Now you can have meetings on the website. You can delete these chats after you are done and it will automatically clean out old chats. For executive meetings a transcript can be saved and so the minutes are basically automatically done!

I also added a map feature. I was thinking qwe could use this for collecting sites that we visit. We can also add some private collecting sites for members only. I’m thinking that we could put the locations that Ulli has developed there. We can add details to the site description as we discover more about these locations. Let me know what you think.

I am still looking for a good event manager plugin. The good one that we had last year has stopped working and corrupts the whole website.

Website issues

I deleted the calendar. I think this stopped working and caused other things to have problems. Let me know if you are still having issues. I will try to find a calendar that works again.

Feb. 11th. 2014 meeting guest speaker

Pamela J. Sangster, P.Geo.,
Regional Resident Geologist, Southern Ontario,
Ontario Geological Survey, Mines and Minerals Division,
Ministry of Northern Development and Mines,

The Power Point I plan on giving is an update on Ontario Industrial Minerals
Production , Exploration and Development
I also want to provide information on how the Resident Geologist office can help mineral collectors
and how mineral collectors can help the Resident Geologist program and will bring a sample or two.

Pam Sangster is the Regional Resident Geologist for Southern Ontario, a Professional Geoscientist and a new member of the Ontario Public Service Quarter Century Club.
Pam’s tenure with the Ontario Geological Survey includes 15 years as Timmins District Geologist in the prolific Abitibi Greenstone belt of northeastern Ontario.
More recently, Pam has been based in the Grenville Province in southeastern Ontario and has developed an expertise in the geology of non-metallic mineral deposits.
Before joining the OPS, mineral exploration experience was obtained through several years of field work with a major mining company and
subsequently with a mining consultant firm on diverse exploration and development projects across Canada.

Jan. 14th. 2014 meeting

January 14th Annual meeting, election of officers.
We are in need of filling the soon to be vacant positions of Treasurer, Secretary, Newsletter Editor and Show Chairperson. Your help is needed now!
Many good things will take place in 2014
January 14th General meeting, topics open for discussion.Membership input will be necessary to ensure success.

1) Wish List for field trips
If you are interested in club field trips your input is necessary.
Please bring to the Jan. meeting a list of your top 10 field trip in Ontario (past or present), this may help to plan club trips that are of interest.
Also is there interest in trips longer than one day, or into south western Quebec.
In earlier times club members other than our field trip leader, would lead or organize trips, especially if they had a connection to a location, this may be a good way to revitalize these outings.

2) Prospecting Field Trips
Michael Brainbridge supplied a list of potential mineral collecting sites to all clubs in the CCFMS in the hopes that we can assist in identify those which might actually be worth visiting, promoting, and possibly even protecting as field-trip destinations.
Here starts the fun; location, accessibility and land status is some of the work yet to be done.
Then we have to explore ( hopefully find stuff ) and share the Info with OHTO (through Michael), and other CCFMS member clubs in the hopes that we can avoid duplication, and expedite the process of identifying new and rewarding destinations for all of our interests.
Members are encouraged to email your field trip leader to show your interest in joining in on these 2014 field trips and the planning that is involved with it.

2) Micheal Bainbridge has requested the assistance of members of all clubs in the area for help in fulfilling the obligations under the mining act, as it relates to the Stickler Mine Claim. This would involve leisurely walks through the bush, mapping mineral occurrences, outcrops and general terrain. If you don’t have a GPS you can be paired with someone who does.
The hours spent doing this would be logged as work preformed on the claim.
Email your field trip leader with your input and/or volunteer.

3) Prospecting advertising
This could be an opportunity to attract new members to our membership.
A banner at our March Show might be useful to attract interest.
With your help, a budget could be set to accomplish this or you might suggest other ways to promote this.

4) Mineral and Fossil Trimming Party
We all have specimens needing some work.
With the help of member with the necessary equipment this could make for an interesting and useful event.
Your input on planning this event will be appreciated.

5) Swap & Talk
Our first annual event was a great success and can continue to get even better with your input and help, join in on the discussion on how we can improve this event.

6) Membership Drive
Would you be willing to volunteer a couple of hours one weekend to promote the club.
There are lots of different venues, I’m sure you could add to the list to consider one or two. Your input will be needed on this very important matter.
Peterborough Home and Outdoor Show, March 14-16th, attracting over 8,500 visitors.
The Kawartha Home, Cottage & Country show, April 4-6th.
Peterborough Garden Show, April 11-13th, nearly 8000 visitors.
Spring Craft Show Buckhorn, May 17th.
Lakefield Jazz, Art & Craft Festival, July 5th.

7) 2014 Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show
A review of the various jobs necessary to make this show a success will take place. Most positions will likely be confirmed before the meeting, your input and help on this show will be welcome.

8) Bring your own ideas on how you want your club to proceed in 2014 or email your ideas to one of your exec’s to be added to the list.

Dec. 10th. 2013 meeting guest speaker

Karen Fox, MSc, FCGmA, FGA
Karen’s childhood fascination with rocks, minerals and fossils ultimately led to Fellowship with the Canadian Gemmological Association in 1989. The distractions of professional life in the semiconductor industry put the hobby on hold for many years, but eventually a rearrangement of priorities allowed the passion for minerals and gems to resurface. In 2006, Karen returned from a 12-year stint in the U.S., and now volunteers almost full-time with the Canadian Gemmological Association.

Vietnam – A Travelogue for the Rockhound

Stunning Karst terrain, impressive solution caves and luminous cultured pearls … ruby, sapphire, spinel and more… Join us for highlights from the recent International Gemmological Conference (IGC33) and side trips to the Luc Yen mining district, and to UNESCO World Heritage Site Halong Bay where we learn how salt-water pearls are cultured.

Nov. 12th. 2013 meeting guest speaker

Dick Farmery is a graduate of Queen’s University, BSc, mechanical engineering.
Past president of the Canadian Mineralogist’s Federation as well as the Bancroft Gem and Mineral club. Past owner of both the beryl pit and the rose quartz quarry in Quadeville with 16 years of participation in the AQUAROSE pegmatite properties.

In his own words:
I became infected with rock pox on our first trip to Bancroft with our new trailer more than 40 years ago. I learned about field collecting thru the mentoring of the senior rockhounds who formed the core of the CCFMS field trip committee in the 80’s and the 90’s.
I have always had a research bent which lead me to the publications of the MNDM – especially Hewitt’s Pegmatite Mineral Resources of Ontario.
On our travels I visited pegmatite’s in: Maine, New Hampshire, Colorado, North Carolina, and New Mexico. Of late we have visited the pegmatite bearing granite quarries of Western Poland.

Dick will present what is sure to be a most interesting talk on pegmatite’s, extreme igneous rocks that form during the final stage of a magma’s crystallization. They are extreme because they contain exceptionally large crystals and they sometimes contain minerals that are rarely found in other types of rocks.
Sometimes the sources of valuable minerals such as spodumene and beryl that are rarely found in economic amounts in other types of rocks. They also can be a source of gemstones. Some of the world’s best tourmaline, aquamarine and topaz deposits have been found in pegmatite’s.

Photo from Dick’s collections
pegmatite 093

October 8th. 2013 meeting guest speaker

Michael Bainbridge is the Recreational Geology Project Coordinator for the Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization, he led a three-year development project to enhance geologically themed experiences in the Bancroft Collecting Area.

Michael worked as a Cameraman and Director of Photography in film and television for ten years before switching to photographing mineral specimens and works of art for museums and private collectors.

He is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer on all topics geological and photographic, in venues from Westward Look, the Tucson Main Show, Fleming College and his local elementary school and surprisingly he still finds time to get out in the field adding to his own minerals collection.

Presentation Notes:
One of the major achievements of the Recreational Geology Project has been the creation of a series of informational products which detail how and where to find information about new collecting opportunities and property rights status in Ontario. Michael will review the “big wins” of his work with Ontario’s Highlands, walk through some of the key informational resources of interest to collectors, and introduce the Recreational Access Toolkit which has been designed to aid in access negotiations with private landowners.

Sept. 29th. 2013, Special Social Event, “Swap and Talk”

Date: Sunday, September 29th 2013
Time: 10 am to 2 p.m.
Bring your own lunch
Doors open at 9 am, everyone who wants table space be there before 10 am.
Free admission, and *no charge for the table space.
There will be tables available at 9 am on a first come, first served basis, but it is recommended that you reserve your space in advance to avoid disappointment.

Location: Stanley Auction Centre
56 Alma Street, Norwood, ON K0L 2V0
Directions: From the traffic lights on Highway 7 in Norwood, travel one block south on County Road 45, then east three blocks on Alma Street. Centre is attached to the Curling Club and about 500 m north of the Community Centre.
It is not located on the 11th line, as Google map indicates.

Members & family and guests are welcome, especially those that may be interested in becoming a member of any club.
Kawartha R&FC, Bancroft G&MC, Kingston L&MC, Prince Edward County RG&MC and Haliburton GS and other club members welcome.

Bring all your collected specimens, Finished or Not, anything you want to Give-A-Way, Swap, Sell or just Display & Brag!

Bring your rocks & fossils, there will be space for all, they don’t have to be show quality to be appreciated. I’m sure there will be a story with every rock & fossil you bring.
For the members that have only small collections, we especially encourage you to bring them along as you do not have to fill a large table. There will be many tables setup to share with one or more of your fellow members if you wish.

Come out and help make this a memorable social event.
Bring your own lunch.
For table reservation contact Mark Stanley, Past President KR&FC, fulgurite@bellnet.ca 705 639 2406
For more info contact Robert Montgomery, President KR&FC, robertm@bell.net

* If you would kindly donate a specimen to be used in our March 2014 Show silent auctions, to show your appreciation for the table space and hosting of this event.

Collecting Report, Schickler fluorite occurrence, July 6th. 2013

For your information, “In order to collect minerals on this property, permission must first be obtained from the Wilberforce Municipal office during regular business hours. For more information, please call (705) 448-2981.” or you can obtain collecting permits at the following locations,

Agnew’s General Store, 2248 Loop Road, Wilberforce, Phone: 705-448-2211
Foodland, 2763 Essonville Line, Wilberforce, 705-448-2811
A Beary Good Place to Eat , 1008 Gooderham St., Gooderham, 705-447-0328
Bancroft & District Chamber of Commerce, 8 Hastings Heritage Way, Bancroft, Phone: (613) 332-1513

It was a great trip, there is a never ending supply of minerals to collect, I’d like to congratulate all those that worked hard to get this site opened to the public, many thanks, this site should be a big hit with collectors of all levels. will defiantly be back to explore more of the property.

Note: there is a resident very close to the main collecting site, just west of the site, apparently he is not happy that his property will no longer be isolated, please respect his privacy.

Reprinted from Wilberforce Municipal website:
Schickler Fluorite Occurrence site was explored for fluorite in the early-to-mid 1900s, and you can still easily find gemmy fluorite in colours ranging from colourless to rose-red, to deep amethyst purple in white calcite on the rock piles. Associated with fluorite in the calcite are hexagonal crystals of red/green apatite, yellow scapolite, buff coloured feldspar, and green pyroxene. The Schickler occurrence is only one potential collecting site of many on the 400 acre Crown property – come prepared to do some exploring! – See more at: http://www.highlandseast.ca/article/unleash-your-inner-rock-hound-at-highlands-easts-mineral-collection-sites#sthash.zPS67ggW.dpuf



Red apatite, 3 x 6 cm, interesting who one crystal has grown out of the other.


Purple fluorite on calcite, approx. 5 x 9 cm.


Scapolite with purple fluorite scattered around, approx. 8 x 8 cm.


Purple fluorite, approx. 7 x 7 x 3 cm.


Largest red apatite 3 x 1.5 cm, green apatite, scapolite and purple fluorite on calcite. Needs a good cleaning.

Purple & clear fluorite on calcite

Purple & clear fluorite on calcite, approx. 5 x 4 x 3 cm.



Scapolite with purple fluorite scattered around, approx. 13 x 6 x 6 cm.