Apr. 8th. 2014 meeting guest speaker

George Thompson
George will give a talk on mineral cleaning and preparation for display as well as other things. This is always a good topic to review just before the collecting season gets underway. George is recognized through-out the mineral community for his mineral prep talents, this is one you don’t what to miss.

Also we will be having a few interesting additions to the metting.

April 8th Meeting is fossil night.
Bring out your fossils, prepped or not, if they have a story even better.
If they are not to fragile i hope we can pass them around the table while you talk about where you collected them.

Stump the Experts
We will try a new activity at our meeting, starting at the April 8th Meeting.
Bring any mineral or fossil to the meeting, if it can not be identified by those in attendants you win the prize.
If the specimen was collected In Ontario you do not have to identify the location it came from.
If the specimen was collected anywhere else you must specify the exact location it was found.
Each member will have one try at it, by writing there answer on paper without consulting or discussion.
The prize being, you will have first pick from the silent action table of the specimen of your choice free of charge. One winner only, multiple winners will be dealt with.

For the benefit of any new member.
I will continue to bring to the meetings a collection of minerals that i collected locally. To be able to show new members what is available to collect on our field trips. If any member would like to add to this display please feel free to do so, it will help to keep it interesting.

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  1. Ulli says:

    That was a awesome Meeting,the best ever,so much fun and learning.
    Special thank you to George for the talk on mineral prep and cleaning. And thanks to the club members bringing in a lot of fossils and minerals to look at and debate about. Keep it up and bring samples to the meetings, very much appreciated.

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