Desmont Mine April the 27th 2014

  The weather was great,so was the company.  Nine of us walked in the Desmont Mine. It almost did not happened , Agnew’s Store ,where you get your permit ,was closed on Sunday. They was so nice and send the paperwork by email.Big Thank you. Collecting was good,we got Molybdenite,Diopsite,Albite and a good sized Apatite […]

Collecting Report, Schickler fluorite occurrence, July 6th. 2013

For your information, “In order to collect minerals on this property, permission must first be obtained from the Wilberforce Municipal office during regular business hours. For more information, please call (705) 448-2981.” or you can obtain collecting permits at the following locations, Agnew’s General Store, 2248 Loop Road, Wilberforce, Phone: 705-448-2211 Foodland, 2763 Essonville Line, […]

Collecting Report, McDonald Mine June 22, 2013

Bittersweet report on McDonald Mine, for those of us that enjoyed going into the mine, it will come as a bit of a disappointment to see that it has been totally covered. On a brighter note, for tourist and novice collectors the site has been turned into a spectacular collecting site that should draw many […]


We started out from Peterborough at 5am Saturday the 15th of June. Suzanne our excellent driver,Fred,Gabriel,Alf,Sue and I. The six of us never visited Arkona before. We arrived in good time at Hungry Hollow, where Peter Lee and Andrew with kids joined us later. We entered the south pit and for one hour you did […]

Collecting at the Silver Crater Mine May 4th

What a great trip it was.  We did not have to carry anything in . Bill brought his ATV and loaded it up.  Chantel,Rob, Bill and I had a good time. We got Betafite,Apatite,Amphibole and a bit of Fluorite. The blackflies were out but not biting and the sun was warm .On the way in […]

Collecting Beamsville May 11th 2013

The three of us,Sue Kehoe,Bill Cripps and I  left Peterborough at 5 am.We arrived one hour early and had a warming coffee at Tim’s . At 8.30 am a big group of collectors including Bob Beckett  (surprise)  signed in and after safety talk we drove in convoy in the Lincoln Quarry .Soon there was the […]

Collecting at Malone Marble Quarry April 27

The trip in the Malone Marble Quarry was joint by 3 different clubs. 6 members from Kawartha, 4 from Picton and 4 from Kingston club. We was lucky,the gate was open and we could drive all the way to the back dump . A lot of rocks was busted and material  checked out for minerals  […]

Collecting at the Speed Skating Oval Lakefield April 20th

On the 20th of April 5 of us braved the cold wind and a few snowflakes,to collect fossils at the speed skating oval in Lakefield. Lots of fossils there.Stan Nowicki got the permission for us to go there .It was a good trip, 5 trilobites found .One Ceraurus and four Flexicalymene senaria .Part of a […]

No Fulgurites today!

With today`s ice storm there is a lot of tree damage in Norwood, especially on the street where our Auction Centre is located.  Just up the street from us there was a major event earlier when a main hydro feeder line went down.  Lots of noise, smoke, flames and arcing.  Good chance of a man made […]

Collecting reports

This will be the section for reports on collecting.