Meeting – Monday March 13th. 2017

Just a reminder that we have our next Club meeting on Monday March 13th starting at 7:00pm. To be held at the Peterborough Zoo, Orientation Centre. David K. Joyce is our presenter at this meeting and will be speaking about the Engineer Mine in British Columbia. The presentation will be a mixture of Geology, Mineralogy, a […]

Meeting Date Changed Again

Sorry for the confusion, meeting dates and locations will likely change often untill all the issues are resolved.               Meeting Date: Monday November 14th, 2016 Meeting Location: Peterborough Zoo, Orientation Centre as usual.            Time: 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Date Changed Again

Sorry for the confusion, meeting dates and locations will likely change often untill all the issues are resolved.               Meeting Date: Tuesday October 11th, 2016 Meeting Location: Holiday Inn Peterborough, Saffron North Mtg Room 150 George Street North, Peterborough. Tele: 1 705 740 6581 Meeting Time:    Set-up: 6:30pm – 7:00pm […]

Meeting Date, Changed to Monday

Our club meeting night has changed permanently from the second Tuesday of each month to the second Monday of each month. Time: 7:00 p.m. at the Peterborough Zoo, Orientation Centre as usual.

Desmont Mine April the 27th 2014

  The weather was great,so was the company.  Nine of us walked in the Desmont Mine. It almost did not happened , Agnew’s Store ,where you get your permit ,was closed on Sunday. They was so nice and send the paperwork by email.Big Thank you. Collecting was good,we got Molybdenite,Diopsite,Albite and a good sized Apatite […]

Meeting Location, Temporary Changes

Due to construction projects a few meeting this year will be held in alternative locations. May 13th. – Usual place, in the Orientation Center at the Peterborough RiverView Park and Zoo. June 10th. – Community Counseling and Resource Ctr., 540 George St. N., Peterborough “downstairs training room”. There is parking in front for about 6 […]

May 13th. 2014 meeting guest speaker

Mark Stanley will talk on the topic of Fluorite and some of the history of Fluorite mining in the Madoc area. It would be impossible to cover the whole topic of Fluorite mining in one night, so I will make my presentation around one prospector who played a major role in the Madoc area. Also […]

Apr. 8th. 2014 meeting guest speaker

George Thompson George will give a talk on mineral cleaning and preparation for display as well as other things. This is always a good topic to review just before the collecting season gets underway. George is recognized through-out the mineral community for his mineral prep talents, this is one you don’t what to miss. Also […]

Web news

Lots of cancellations at the office today so I have been working on the website. I’ve added a chat. Now you can have meetings on the website. You can delete these chats after you are done and it will automatically clean out old chats. For executive meetings a transcript can be saved and so the […]

Feb. 11th. 2014 meeting guest speaker

Pamela J. Sangster, P.Geo., Regional Resident Geologist, Southern Ontario, Ontario Geological Survey, Mines and Minerals Division, Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, The Power Point I plan on giving is an update on Ontario Industrial Minerals Production , Exploration and Development I also want to provide information on how the Resident Geologist office can help […]