May 13th. 2014 meeting guest speaker

Mark Stanley will talk on the topic of Fluorite and some of the history of Fluorite mining in the Madoc area.
It would be impossible to cover the whole topic of Fluorite mining in one night, so I will make my presentation around one prospector who played a major role in the Madoc area.

Also a few announcements

Meeting Location, Temporary Changes
Due to construction projects a few meeting this year will be held in alternative locations.

May 13th. – Usual place, in the Orientation Center at the Peterborough RiverView Park and Zoo.
June 10th. – Community Counseling and Resource Ctr., 540 George St. N., Peterborough “downstairs training room”.
There is parking in front for about 6 vehicles and plenty of parking directly across the street. This building is actually an old annex of and immediately north of George St. United Church right on the corner of George and McDonell St.
September 9th. – Location to be announced, check our website as we get closer to the date.
October 14th. – We may be back at the Zoo, check our website as we get closer to the date.

Stump the Experts
Bring any mineral or fossil to the meeting, if it can not be identified by those in attendants you win the prize. To be declared a winner you must be able to positively identify the specimen yourself, if you don’t know it’s identity and you would just like to have your specimen identified then please feel free to join in on the fun.
You must specify the exact location it was found.
Each member will have one try at it, by writing there answer on paper without consulting or discussion.
The prize being, you will have first pick from the silent action table of the specimen of your choice free of charge. One winner only, multiple winners will be dealt with.

For the benefit of any new member
I will continue to bring to the meetings a collection of minerals that i collected locally. To be able to show new members what is available to collect on our field trips. If any member would like to add to this display please feel free to do so, it will help to keep it interesting. Fossils are especially appreciated as i have very few.

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