Desmont Mine April the 27th 2014


The weather was great,so was the company.  Nine of us walked in the Desmont Mine. It almost did not happened , Agnew’s Store ,where you get your permit ,was closed on Sunday. They was so nice and send the paperwork by email.Big Thank you. Collecting was good,we got Molybdenite,Diopsite,Albite and a good sized Apatite (never found one there before). For the people interested in the strange looking fly it is a tachinidae Epalpus signifer. A early spring parasitoid of caterpillars. Easier to i.d. then most minerals. Attached a few photos.If you be surprised about the Photo “feet only”there is a good reason for. I don’t  add faces any more to the internet ,Google get  only “feet” from me in future.DSCN3828 Albite 2 inchIMG_0167Albite nice size



IMG_0168Identified as collectors feet


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  1. Ken says:

    Excellent pictures and it was a most enjoyable day. Glad I could make it. Love the feet picture.

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