We started out from Peterborough at 5am Saturday the 15th of June. Suzanne our excellent driver,Fred,Gabriel,Alf,Sue and I. The six of us never visited Arkona before. We arrived in good time at Hungry Hollow, where Peter Lee and Andrew with kids joined us later. We entered the south pit and for one hour you did not hear a word. We was overwhelmed with the amount of fossils . After lunch we made our way long the river to the  high bank on the south of the river to collect more.It was very difficult to go there, the river was very high but all went well. The backpacks started to get heavy. In the afternoon we packed in and drove to the Pinery Campground where we stayed overnight .After setting the camp up we had a good dinner and went to bed early. It rained heavy  in the night but all the tents stayed dry. In the morning Gabriel cooked and feed us with delicious eggs with sausage.After clearing out we went back to the north pit and south pit for more collecting



This are fossils you see all over the place.

Happy camp supper.  011

005                                                                                           Nice big Brachiopod(Fred)
And the very,very,very best find from Peter Lee a IMGP1491aultra rare pyritized starfish from south pit


In the afternoon we made our way back home and arrived in Peterborough very happy,very tired.






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  1. Peter Lee says:

    Wonderful report Ulli. It was great seeing all of you.
    Best Wishes,


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