Collecting at Malone Marble Quarry April 27

IMG_0037 IMG_0132 IMG_0036The trip in the Malone Marble Quarry was joint by 3 different clubs. 6 members from Kawartha, 4 from Picton and 4 from Kingston club. We was lucky,the gate was open and we could drive all the way to the back dump . A lot of rocks was busted and material  checked out for minerals  .Minerals collected: Epidote, Vesuvianite, Axinite
Barite and Calcite. The Minerals are mostly in Calcite and have to be etched out with acid. So a lot of rock was loaded  to be prepared at home. We are very thank  full to the property owner for the permission to collect.
The attached pictures are Axinite and Vesuvianite from last years trip and the small group Vesuvianite is from this year April trip. I think we was all tired in the afternoon and I hope that all trip members got good mineral samples.


  1. George Thompson says:

    I have been etching the pieces off of the large boulder I took apart that day. Used lots of HCl but it was worth it as I got a few very good epidotes which clean up nicely with the air abrasive. The most interesting find of the day for me was one piece that has a 4 cm rutile crystal (broken as it bridged the cavity and a 2 cm titanite that is complete along with a few epidotes. The rutile is a bit of a surprise for Malone but I checked it with a magnet (for illmenite and it is not as it is not magnetic) The colour is black with a red tinge in strong sunlight. The titanite is a green colour close to that of the epidote but with a little more brown – yellow tinge.

    • Ulli says:

      I am very happy for you. Can you please bring the pice with the Rutile and Titanite to the next meeting? I need some pictures for the Owner of the Quarry.
      Very exiting , and I thing you deserve it after taking that monster apart.
      How much HCI did you use?

      • George Thompson says:

        Short answer … too much. Long answer … I have gone through 23 4 litre jugs so far to get a few decent specimens of the epidote. The titanite and rutile appears to be a one of.

        • Ulli says:

          George ,that will be expensive minerals .But I need a few pictures . I can come to your place to do so, if needed.

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