Collecting Beamsville May 11th 2013

IMG_0109The three of us,Sue Kehoe,Bill Cripps and I  left Peterborough at 5 am.We arrived one hour early and had a warming coffee at Tim’s . At 8.30 am a big group of collectors including Bob Beckett  (surprise)  signed in and after safety talk we drove in convoy in the Lincoln Quarry .Soon there was the sound of hammers ,saws  and people turning rocks over. We had a lot of fun .We collected Dolomite,  Calcite, Sphalerite ,Selenite and nice Galena. One very lucky collector found 2 groups of  galena crystals at least one inch across.At 1.30 pm we got tired and left for Peterborough .Pictures attached : Bill looking in a pocket and Bill’s nice Galena .We hope to go again to Beamsville in the fall.


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