Dec. 10th. 2013 meeting guest speaker

Karen Fox, MSc, FCGmA, FGA
Karen’s childhood fascination with rocks, minerals and fossils ultimately led to Fellowship with the Canadian Gemmological Association in 1989. The distractions of professional life in the semiconductor industry put the hobby on hold for many years, but eventually a rearrangement of priorities allowed the passion for minerals and gems to resurface. In 2006, Karen returned from a 12-year stint in the U.S., and now volunteers almost full-time with the Canadian Gemmological Association.

Vietnam – A Travelogue for the Rockhound

Stunning Karst terrain, impressive solution caves and luminous cultured pearls … ruby, sapphire, spinel and more… Join us for highlights from the recent International Gemmological Conference (IGC33) and side trips to the Luc Yen mining district, and to UNESCO World Heritage Site Halong Bay where we learn how salt-water pearls are cultured.


  1. Ulli says:

    Rob, I have to say, you keep things interesting with the choice of club meeting speakers.
    Thank you.

    • Robert Montgomery says:

      I think you will be impressed to here what see brought back from the trip.
      Should be a great presentation.

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