October 8th. 2013 meeting guest speaker

Michael Bainbridge is the Recreational Geology Project Coordinator for the Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization, he led a three-year development project to enhance geologically themed experiences in the Bancroft Collecting Area.

Michael worked as a Cameraman and Director of Photography in film and television for ten years before switching to photographing mineral specimens and works of art for museums and private collectors.

He is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer on all topics geological and photographic, in venues from Westward Look, the Tucson Main Show, Fleming College and his local elementary school and surprisingly he still finds time to get out in the field adding to his own minerals collection.

Presentation Notes:
One of the major achievements of the Recreational Geology Project has been the creation of a series of informational products which detail how and where to find information about new collecting opportunities and property rights status in Ontario. Michael will review the “big wins” of his work with Ontario’s Highlands, walk through some of the key informational resources of interest to collectors, and introduce the Recreational Access Toolkit which has been designed to aid in access negotiations with private landowners.

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