May 14, 2013 Meeting Information

R. N. Betcher M. Sc. P. Geo.
Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority

Bob Betcher is a Manitoba native who has recently moved to southern Ontario
to take up a position as the hydrogeologist with the Ganaraska Region
Conservation Authority, fulfilling a promise he made to his wife 37 years
ago that they would eventually settle in south-eastern Ontario near their
cottage on Mississippi Lake.  He has been a practicing hydrogeologist since
1974, working first with the province of PEI followed by 3 years in Pinawa
Manitoba working in the high level nuclear waste disposal program with AECL
before spending the last 30 years working for the province of Manitoba where
he headed up the Groundwater Management Section.  Bob is enjoying his time
here working with well owners to help solve their problems although he is
still adjusting to our “unusual” landscape with all its hills and valleys!

The talk will provide an introduction to the science of hydrogeology which
deals with water below the surface of the ground.  We’ll discuss the
occurrence of groundwater in the pore spaces of the subsurface, aquifers and
aquitards with specific reference to the types of aquifers which occur in
the area from Peterborough south to Lake Ontario, concepts of groundwater
flow systems which describe how water moves from recharge areas to discharge
areas, groundwater quality and contamination, and surface water/groundwater
interaction.  Although the topic may sound dry (a poor pun!), the talk will
include lots of interesting pictures and stories, most from my time in

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