Including all members

I think that this message board is a good idea and that there is great potential to use it to increase the level of communications between all members, outside of our monthly meetings.  And with proper administration it will reduce the amount of regular business that has to be covered at our meetings, freeing up time that can be used for speakers, presentations, discussions and other fun things.

While we have to encourage everyone to make use of this message board on a regular basis, I an left wondering how we can include those members who do not have access to a computer.  At this week`s meeting, there were two members there who do not have access to the internet, and I do not expect they will be getting online in the near future.  How can we keep them included in the conversations?



  1. Donald M. Doell says:

    I think most local libraries still provide internet access. That would be one among a multitude of ways that people can have access to internet if they don’t have it at home.

    We could also provide a printout of online discussions at meetings.

    • Ulli says:

      How many Club members have signed up so far? And how can we get more of them to do so?
      Donald I thing your idea with the mineral ID and locality question is very good.Get us thinking , is fun and a interesting way to lern more about minerals.

  2. Donald M. Doell says:

    So far there are just five of us…

  3. Ulli says:

    Five??? We better ask at the next meeting why. You put so much work in this project and it can be of so much use. I will soon start posting in collecting reports .Saturday our Club will visit the speed ring in Lakefield and Sunday I will be fossil hunting in Prince Edward County ,fresh blast. Let see what can be found I will post it . And soon Bancroft and and and……….

  4. Robert Montgomery says:

    Five registered, how many was on the email list?
    We will talk at the meeting, in the mean time maybe we could try a mass email, offering phone help line, to walk people through the set up and use.
    I could make myself available for a couple of hours a night till everyones registered.
    I was going to run this by a few people if things went this way. I’m quite sure there are members that will be intimidated by the new tech.

  5. Donald M. Doell says:

    We are now six! I think things are going well. We must be patient. The more content we have, the more useful the site will be. We should add all the field trips to the Events section. I can do that. Is there a list of trips?

  6. Bev Fox says:

    Any chance of correcting a spelling mistake? On the home page “Peterborough” is spelled as “Peterbourgh” Or perhaps this is a clever way to find out how many people are reading it.

    Ken Fox

    • Donald M. Doell says:

      Thanks! That was unintentional, but I am glad that you are paying attention..

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