Jun 22, 2013 – McDonnell Mine +

Thinking of going to McDonnell Mine saturday, will likely move on to other local locations if time allows.

Will arrive at Tim Horton’s west side of Bancroft, approx. 9:30. Arrive at McDonnell Mine approx. 10:00. see you there if you can make it.


  1. Ulli says:

    Try to meet you there ,not sure at this time ,let you know. Ulli

    • Robert Montgomery says:

      I’ll be there, hope others show up, if not i’ll still be there, want to see what has been done to the site. I’v been told its a better collecting site.

  2. Donald M. Doell says:

    Maybe I will go. Not sure yet.

  3. Ulli says:

    will be there if it not rains to much.

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